QSchool offers skill upgradation training for improving the skill levels of professionals, or basic professional practice training for beginners starting on a career in quantity surveying, through our proprietary Online Software.

The modules are organized from foundation to advanced, so that each individual can assess the skill upgradation required to perform a particular job function they need to perform, and pick the appropriate coursework.

It is however advisable that beginners focus on the foundations, that stress on technology use, adaptation to working on cloud, and brush on engineering fundamentals, before they proceed to higher modules.

The courses will comprise of personalized training through online notes, software based exercises, contact classes for theory & concept elaboration, and live project assignments.

Certain selected course may be organized fully online, where travelling for contact classes may not be required. Our trainers will conduct these online courses through printed materials, sample exercises, telephonic or skype interactions, support & chat windows, and live monitored coursework.


Institution Based Skill Upgradation Workshops

Students will be given live Architect's projects as examples to practice their quantity surveying skills. Live project drawings and interaction with the designer simulates the professional Cost Engineering requirements for professional practice. After an initial theory classes explaining the concepts, all the program sections will be introduced and practiced with these live projects on the online software.